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Card game best Dutch online casinos

best Dutch online casinosHave you heard best Dutch online casinos such a word - poker? Yes, I am talking about the card game, which amazes with its simplicity and features. Any person can play poker. He can also win - if he smiles of luck. But she, this luck, does not smile at everyone. To do this, it takes a long time to work on yourself. To train, to train and to train again. Everything is like in any sport (and poker is a sports game included in the program of the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo).

Anyone can play poker. But to play as masters should, only a master can. It will be kept in mind - sitting at the card table and laying out the first game of poker. What do we mean at the game table? The first one is the croupier, who hands in the cards and accepts our chips. The second is the chips themselves, which can be considered the equivalent of money. One chip costs a certain amount of money. It costs either one cent, or ten cents, or a dollar, or ten dollars, or a hundred dollars.

best Dutch online casinosThere are other chips - depending on the place where we play poker. But in general, everything is distributed in this way. Further - there are places for players. Usual places from which it is impossible to see cards playing. In any case - not their value. It is important as the best combination of cards wins. Namely pair, set, full house, rack and so on. We play the simplest five-card poker without jokers. First of all we are given five cards. We look at them and allocate those cards which promise to become a considerable combination. Or already are it - for example, pair or set.

Then we exchange the cards. We drop one, two or three cards each. Four cards are rarely dropped, and very rarely all five cards are dropped. The croupier gives us the missing cards. Let's say that we had a pair. We put it aside. And we changed three cards. We had best French online casinos a double (which we had) and let's say three cards. That is, a full house. This figure is the fourth in seniority. It is followed by a square (four cards), a street flush and a piano flush. Each of them is also divided into a senior and a junior figure. But this is already the details. With this piece, we easily support the bid. Who puts up the initial bid? Poker happens differently in different types of poker.

Basically, it is the person who holds the senior ace or king (i.e. a diamond or a chosen suit). You have the right to close the bet and make the next move. Or to pass, giving the cash register immediately in the hands of the winner. With your figure (with a full house) you can play and even decide to bluff. That is, you close the bet and raise it twice. Your opponent accepts the game. He also closes your bet and doubles it. This is how the game starts. And its result can be your winnings. And can also be a loss. But these winnings and losses do not mean the end of the whole game. No, that you. Everything just begins.