About counterfeiting slot machines

About counterfeiting slot machines

On forums and thematic web resources are often found posts – in such a casino fake slots. To ask fewer questions about fake machines, I want to clarify the situation once and for all. Otherwise, some players are not able to think logically.

Can a casino with a license offer fake slots?

So, let’s say that in Joy’s casino instead of the original offer fakes (it is on the slots of this casino often complain about users). Thus, the owners of the site had to skillfully fake not one thousand slot machines, roulette, poker, etc.

But I have not seen any quality fake slots from NetEnt. You can find Gonzo Quest fake in different volcanoes. Believe me, it’s easy to recognize a fake like that. There even a Scatter Symbol appears on all lines, and a bonus is given regardless of where they fall out.

In addition, it takes a year to create a fake version of the original, and in Joy Casino slots appear immediately after release.

About counterfeiting slot machines

Thus, we need to have time to counterfeit about 1000 slots, including the newest ones. This task is a complete waste of time. Firstly, it will take huge amounts of money to develop fake slot machines; secondly, it also takes a lot of time to create fakes.

Therefore, to offer a fake immediately after the release of a new slot is almost impossible.

There are other reasons why it is impossible to create a casino with a full collection of fairy slots from NetEnt. In https://rating-casinos.com/ addition, it is not profitable and inexpedient. It is much cheaper to buy quality licensed software.

Note that NetEnt and Microheiming regularly checks the casino, where offered their slots. And if the manufacturers notice the fraud and spin, then immediately complain to the commission, where the casino got a license.

Well, a casino with a fake software can not get a license in principle.

Guys, stop embarrassing https://rating-casinos.com/ yourself and write about fake machines. You’d better turn on basic logic and at least move your brains a little.