Uzda for gambling business in the Czech Republic

As of the first second of 2017, stricter rules for gambling business have come into effect in the Czech Republic. Vending machines and video lottery terminals are to disappear from restaurants and gas stations, for example. The main word regarding the granting of licenses for globotech online casinos will remain with the city or village administration.

“This is the first real law regulating the sphere of gambling business. The norm in force until now was adopted in 1990. The work on the new legislative framework went on for a long time. The situation in other EU states was analyzed, including the tax rates. It seems to me that we have put forward a good proposal, in terms of the quality of elaboration,” said the Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš during the discussion in the Chamber of Deputies.
Associated with the new rule is the increased taxation of income from various types of gambling. Machines are subject to a rate of 35%, and in other cases – 23%.

This article met with protest from, for example, the Association of Lottery Companies. Its chairman Marek Hermann warns that this will benefit the shady gambling business: “The illegal market is just as large as the legal one. Firms that conduct their business in accordance with the law have to pay higher rates. Illegal firms, on the other hand, have lengthened tax vacations.”

In accordance with the old licenses globotech online casinos will be able to work until their expiration date. Further businessmen will have to fully comply with the letter of the new law.

“The most fundamental thing I consider the abolition of the so-called “special operating regime”. Gambling of the toughest type will no longer be an eyesore for those who have no interest in it. There will be nothing of the sort at gas stations, in restaurants, and in bars. Also the total number of gambling establishments will be reduced by half or a third,” comments Deputy Minister of Finance Ondřej Zavodský.
The new rule has limited the advertising of gambling and casinos. In about a year, in addition to the register of owners of gambling establishments in the Czech Republic will be a database of players, and with it a “black list. For example, citizens receiving state benefits will not be able to place bets.

“Our system will be linked to the database of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. This means that we will be able to identify citizens who receive welfare benefits as poor. In addition to them, the “black list” may also include pathological players undergoing treatment who voluntarily decide to be excluded,” stresses Karel Blaga, a representative of the Ministry of Finance.

The state will also fight against illegal online gambling. Who does not register will be blocked by the Ministry of Finance. First of all, the opposition party TOR 09 during the discussion in Parliament expressed its strong opposition on this issue, but did not achieve changes to the bill.
“This provision limits the freedom of the Internet and subordinates it to the will of a ministerial official. This is the first time in 26 years that freedom of speech can be limited not by a court, but by an official,” said the head of TOP 09 Miroslav Kalousek.